Locations 48 Martins Road, McLaren Vale
South Australia 5171
254 Pfeiffer Road, Woodside
South Australia 5244

Bottling & Packaging

Bottling and packaging of wine are essential to its presentation and its preservation.

Torresan Estate runs the latest technology in bottling lines in South Australia. Our purpose-built facility is located in McLaren Vale. It has two high-speed lines with the capability to run both cork, screw cap and LUX closures, as well as stand up and lay down cartons. Our fully automated machinery means greater speed and efficiency, along with significantly lowering the cost of bottling, all with a high level of quality control.

Torresan Estate began bottling wine in the early 1990s and now has more than 250 clients.

Tailored Bottling and Packaging Solutions

We tailor our bottling and packaging solutions to fit your needs. We have the experience and expertise to meet small runs from as small as 100 cases, to large runs, premium runs, and complex bottling runs. All of our bottling and packaging are done using the food-safe equipment CODEX HACCP, and we can issue export documentation for international markets and Organic certification.

  • We operate 2 bottling lines (manual and fully automated)
  • Our fully trained team have a high level of expertise to look after automation and manual work
  • Our fully automated line is capable of bottling more than 14,000 bottles per hour with no manual handling
  • Capacity to bottle 13,600 cases of wine per 8-hour shift (8,500 bottles per hour)

Label and Packaging Solutions

Our business is all about customer satisfaction. We offer a range of packaging options, from 375ml to 6-litre Magnums. If you have a product that is already bottled, then we can label and package it for you in either 6 or 12 packs. We also offer custom carton stickering and bar code application. We have extensive experience of applying self-adhesive labels, front, back, neck, medal etc to existing unlabelled product and cleanskins.

Our Standards

Our high standards and bottling experience ensures that your finished product is packaged to the highest quality, and delivered in a timely, effective, and efficient manner.

  • Lowest DO Temperature. Our results are amongst the best in Australia and NZ
  • Family owned and operated. We have a family member involved in every step throughout the bottling process
  • State of the art bottling equipment, fully automatic with no manual handling
  • New electronic portal to reduce our paper waste and become more eco-friendly (no paper)
  • Rainwater tanks. We recycle water for landscaping, for our adjoining vineyard, and for cleaning and bottling
  • Certified Food Safety CODEX HACCP
  • Organic Certification NCO, EU and NOP (for the USA)

Our family is 'hands-on' and involved in every step of the bottling. We operate on a contract basis with complete confidentiality with our new, paperless electronic portal.

Get complete confidentiality with our contract wine bottling and packing service. Perfect for Wineries and Businesses wanting to package or bottle custom wine.

Get complete confidentiality with our contract wine bottling and packing service. Perfect for Wineries and Businesses wanting to package or bottle custom wine.

Lowest Dissolved Oxygen TemperatureOur results amongst the best in Australia/NZ

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