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Quality Control

We undertake quality control checks at regular intervals throughout the bottling process, to ensure that we take ultimate care and priority with our customer's product. Our HACCP accreditation ensures we meet our goal of bottling our customer's wine to the highest possible standards.

We have also committed ourselves to food safety and a quality assurance system based on the requirements of the World Health Organisation Codex Alimentarius through the establishment of a HACCP program, supported by relevant policies, procedures and practices.

Our objective is to use our overall management system to maintain and continuously improve the quality and safety of our products and services. This provides confidence to management, employees, and customers, that we are fulfilling our goals and that food safety and quality improvement occurs.

Our system provides mechanisms for detecting system shortfalls and for stimulating process improvements; constantly being reviewed by top-level management to meet our own and our customers' expectations.

We have adopted disciplines and procedures to ensure that:

  • Our system is effectively implemented by undertaking appropriate skills and quality awareness training
  • Responsibilities for food safety and quality are regularly and clearly communicated to our staff
  • Policies and procedures are regularly reviewed to ensure their suitability
  • We undertake continuous improvement activities.

The attainment of these quality goals requires strong and responsive management and a united commitment from all staff. The outcome is a respected reputation for the quality of our services and a rewarding environment in which to work.

We undertake quality control checks at regular intervals throughout the bottling process.

Lowest Dissolved Oxygen TemperatureOur results amongst the best in Australia/NZ

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