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Dry Goods Purchasing

  • Keep your costs down by only paying for what you use
  • Minimise waste
  • No leftovers

We can offer you a quality selection of generic dry goods (i.e. glass, dividers, unprinted cartons, capsules, and corks) for your convenience. This simplifies the purchasing process, saves you money, reduces wastage, and resolves leftover issues, as you simply pay for what you use. Our bulk buying power on all generic dry goods ensures you get the best possible price.

We have developed well-established relationships with major suppliers which ensures our components are sourced efficiently at competitive prices. We deal with glass suppliers OI and Amcor and can also source imported glass. Closures are supplied by either Amcor, Cork Supply, Ramondin, ASA and Vinocor.

If you require printed or branded items to give your product that extra flair, we can put you in touch with the right people through our selection of contacts and offer our extensive experience to guide you through the process.

To ensure the smooth running of your bottling we require certain specifications to be met when using dry goods on our line. Please ensure you speak with us before ordering your dry goods to make sure they are made in accordance with the specifications of our line.

Call us to find out how we can help you save money and wastage with quality generic dry goods.

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