Locations 48 Martins Road, McLaren Vale
South Australia 5171
254 Pfeiffer Road, Woodside
South Australia 5244


The Torresan family began making and bottling wine at their Happy Valley winery set up by parents Gino and Flora in 1958. In the early years most of the grapes were sold, then in 1962 they went on to produce their first vintage under the name of G Torresan & Sons. In 1974 the private company Happy Valley Winery was formed where the small family business concentrated on producing premium boutique wines for the local and interstate markets.

A dramatic change to the landscape commenced in the surrounding area and what had once been viable vineyard land was becoming a residential hot spot. In preparation for this the ex Palladio winery at Mclaren Vale was purchased which was to guarantee a base for future operations, this winery was to be known as Torresan Estate McLaren Vale.

In the early 1990s Torresan's were approached to help out a customer with some bottling and from this Torresan Estate Contract Bottling was born.  During this time they have grown from three bottling customers in 1992 to now having over 250 customers.

Lowest Dissolved Oxygen TemperatureOur results amongst the best in Australia/NZ

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